Taja Investments, LLC is a real estate development, construction, and investment company founded by Michael Watson in 2003.  Focused on the strategic development acquisition of residential and commercial properties in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, Taja Investments strives to be a leading provider of low risk and secure investments through our vast portfolio of high-quality real estate development projects throughout the city. As Taja Investments approaches its fifteenth year in business, we reflect proudly on our past projects and we look forward to a bright future of building luxury homes and condominiums in the ever-growing Washington, DC Metropolitan area.


We are committed to supporting the sustainment of the continued growth and strategic development of growth submarkets in the Washington Metropolitan area and creating value for our investors, partners, and tenants through creative designs, construction processes, and innovative business processes while maintaining the highest standards of quality in all of our business endeavors.


To become the leading provider of private placement investment opportunities in the Washington Metropolitan area through the development and acquisition of low risk real estate properties that will create value and cash flow for our investors. We are committed to growing our reputation as an innovative, investor-focused company while strengthening our position in the market by expanding our footprint into large scale commercial property acquisitions.